Sara’s 7th Gup and Emma’s 9th Gup Test – February 11, 2020

Chuck and Sara’s 8th Gup Test – October 17, 2019

Sara’s 9th Gup Test – June 20, 2019

Lani’s 2nd Gup Test – May 28, 2019

Tom’s 8th Gup Test – March 21, 2019

Janet’s 7th Gup Test – February 28, 2019

Lani’s 3rd Gup, Brian’s 7th Gup Test – September 27, 2018

Jason’s 1st Dan (Black belt) Test – September 22, 2018

Janet’s 8th Gup Test, Michael and Tom’s 9th Gup Test – July 19, 2018

Molly’s 9th Gup Test – June 14, 2018

Lani’s Brown Belt Test, Brian’s 8th Gup Test – March 1, 2018

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Mark’s 3rd Dan and Kevin’s 2nd Dan Testing – February 10, 2018


Janet’s 9th Gup Test – November 30, 2017

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Jason’s 1st Gup Test – September 28, 2017

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Brian’s 9th Gup Test – June 22, 2017


Master Joel Gilbert and Master George Manlove Promotional Testing – June 10 & 11, 2017

Grand Master Dana Vaillancourt, who holds 8th Dan ranking in the traditional arts of Tang Soo Do and Taekwondo, recently traveled to Maine from his home in Washington, D.C., to test Masters George Manlove and Joel Gilbert for 5th Dan in Taekwondo.  Both successfully passed the exam and earned their promotion.  On behalf of Masters Manlove and Gilbert and the Augusta Taekwondo Center, we thank GM Vaillancourt for his ongoing mentoring, encouragement, and leadership in traditional martial arts training!

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Some action shots!

ohdan jakeroundhouse poomse axe kick hook kick