Etiquette and General Class Reminders

Notify the senior instructor if unable to come to class.

Remove shoes before entering the dojang (training hall). To help reduce sand on the floor, please remind your guests to remove their shoes.

Bow when entering/exiting the dojang.

Bow at the initial greeting of any black belt upon entering the dojang.

Please remove all jewelry, rings, watches, etc. before class (medical jewelry is the exception) as they may cause injury to the wearer or fellow students.

Do your best to be on time for class. If you are late to class, please stand quietly at attention until the instructor recognizes you.

Untie one loop of your belt when not actively training (ex. breaks or taking a drink).

Do not fix your belt or uniform while facing instructor, flags, or other black belts.

Keep fingernails and toenails clean and trimmed short.

Uniforms must be kept clean and neat.

Do not allow your belt to drag onto the floor (it is disrespectful of your rank).

Use “yes sir” or “no sir” when addressing questions.

Please pay class tuition by the second week of each month.

Raise your hand if you have questions for the instructor; refrain from asking questions or chatting with fellow students during class time.

Once class has begun, refrain from leaning against things or sprawling on the floor.

Do not leave the floor without first getting permission from the instructor.

Observe and listen when the instructor is speaking or explaining a technique. What the instructor says will help you to improve your technique.

All of these items boil down to respect. Respect yourself, respect your instructor, and respect the other students!

Students will challenge themselves and should give their best effort; at the early stages of training, technique is not as important as a positive attitude; your technique will naturally develop over time.

You will learn lots of new techniques – do your best to follow instructor direction and be patient with yourself.  You will be a great martial artist!